The Top 10 Bitcoin Affiliate / Referral Systems To Promote

In this article i wanted to show case the top 10 bitcoin affiliate / referral systems to promote.

After testing hundreds of different bitcoin earning systems these are ten of the best site that let you earn cryptocurrency simply for referring active users to the referral links.

Most of these offer life time commissions and it’s a great way to create small passive income streams of different cryptocurrencies without doing too much work.


Bet Fury

Bet fury allows you to earn 50 different altcoins by promoting the referral system.

Bet Fury is one of the top bitcoin gambling websites and has the most powerful affiliate system i have seen so far, you can earn profit from referring users to gamble and play on the site along with earning profit from faucet claims, loot box purchases and you even earn tokens which give you daily profits.

This is my personal favorite gambling website and earning platform, the more you gamble the more tokens you can earn and the more daily payouts you can receive, paid in many top cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, tron, zil, btt, usdt and many more altcoins.


BC Game

BC Game offers a bonus of up to $100 per player referred.

BC Game is another one of the top bitcoin gambling websites and has a number of ways to earn profit such as holding coins in your account wallet, lending coins into the system and referring users to the platform.

This site has some of the best games that you won’t find on other sites, and also has some of the biggest whales playing crash and other top games.

The referral system on BC Game is the most powerful out of any of the bitcoin gambling sites, you can earn a bonus of up to $100 USD per user on top of the life time commissions paid out in 15+ different cryptocurrencies.


Cake Defi

Earn life time commissions when users stake DFI tokens.

Cake Defi is a decentralized financial platform that allows you to earn profits from coin staking, masternode staking, liquidity mining, coin lending and other decentralized financial services.

Affiliate markets can earn life time commissions referring users to the platforms, up to 50% of the profits received from the platform.



Earn a small percentage of coins paid out from your referrals for life.

Publish0x is a cryptocurrency related blogging platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrency by reading and writing articles.

If you can write good quality cryptocurrency related articles you can earn more than $100 monthly, and if you can’t write articles it’s super easy to claim free crypto by reading other users articles and then tipping the writer, you can get a share of each tip you do and it really adds up over a month or two.

Another way to earn on publish0x is by using the referral system, you will earn life time commissions on every user sent to the site and the more tips they receive the more you will earn, it’s a top affiliate program and pays well and is easy to promote.



Pipeflare is one of the top faucet and has a 4 level referral system.

Pipeflare is one of the top crypto faucets and pays out good amounts of zCash from the free faucet, the site has a 4 tier referral system which allows you to earn from many referrals underneath you.

You can claim free coins from the faucet, play games, do challenges and win prizes, get paid automatically twice every month in zcash when you promote the referral system.



Earn bitcoin doing tasks, installing games, clicking on links and referring users.

Cointiply is one of the top crypto faucets and micro earning websites, the layout and look of the site is amazing and there are so many different earning options to explore.

There is an offer wall with offers paying up to $10 each, you can claim free bitcoin from the faucet and earn bitcoin watching videos and visiting websites.



The top mobile phone games platform, many amazing play to earn games.

Womplay is by far the best application for playing mobile phone games and earning money, you can earn EOS cryptocurrency installing the womplay application and installing different games.

You will find many of the top rpg and role playing games, building games, fantasy games, you can play in competitions and win prizes and VS other players in competitions.

The referral system on womplay pays life time commissions based on your users activity, the more games they play and the more levels pass the more EOS you can earn.



Earn from staking, yield farms and trading crypto.

Biswap exchange is a decentralized exchange that runs on Binance smart chain, you can stake coins, trade coins and invest in yield mining farms which can pay out some huge yearly profits.

The site looks fantastic and works very well, simply connect your meta mask wallet to the site to login and grab your referral codes.

Refer users and earn from 3 types of commissions, earn referral fees for trading, coin staking and yield mining farms, get life time commissions on all of your friends actions.


Blockchain Texas Holdem

An anonymous and easy to use Texas holdem game.

Blockchain Poker is a simple and easy to use Texas holdem site that gives you free bitcoin to play with, you can use bitcoin cash, bitcoin and bitcoin SV for free, or instantly deposit / withdraw your coins and play with bigger amounts of money.

The site is anonymous and allows anyone to sign up and start playing very quickly, there are thousands of users online and you can create your own tables or tournaments and invite your friends.

You can get life time commissions when you refer users, so the more your friends play and bet the more bitcoin you can earn and then instantly withdraw, or use it for free gambling credits to play with.


Faucet Pay

The best micro wallet, payment system and earning website.

Faucet Pay is a micro wallet used by thousands of faucets and micro earning websites, you can instantly receive tiny bits of bitcoin into your faucet pay account then use the instant coin swap to exchange and withdraw your coins.

The system has been online for many years and is used by millions of users, and the referral system can pay good money long term if you refer active users who use the system for exchanges and receiving payments.