Stake Cube – Automatic Proof Of Stake Coin Mining Platform

Stake Cube is a proof of stake mining platform that allows you to mine cryptocurrency simply by holding coins on the platform.

Proof of stake coin mining is becoming more and more popular – it’s the easiest way to mine cryptocurrency and it also happens to be the most energy efficient and cost effective way of securing a blockchain network.

Stake Cube allows you to easily earn cryptocurrency – all you need to do is hold coins in your account wallet and you will receive daily profits.


Along with proof of stake coin mining, stake cube has a number of powerful applications including a cryptocurrency exchange, a master node hosting system called Node Cube, shared master node pools – you can even earn interesting simply holding bitcoin or ethereum on the platform.


Here is a look at my bit bean holdings, after depositing funds into my account i started to receive daily payouts automatically. It’s much easier than running a full node yourself and it also pays compound interest as your coins are automatically reinvested.


The crypto exchange on Stake cube is very simple and easy to use, it’s instant and allows you to swap between bitcoin and all the different coins listed on the platform.

The fee is very low – only 0.1% on each exchange and the site has good amounts of liquidity for all of the different cryptocurrencies available.


Another one of the most popular features of Stake Cube is the free crypto faucet, you can claim free coins daily and its simple and instant to claim, no captcha or pop ups and other spammy stuff most crypto faucets have.. just click claim and the coins are in your wallet.

Stake Cube has been online since 2018 – it’s a stable platform and has been paying out profits to it’s users for years now – it’s the most powerful proof of stake coin mining platform available.

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