PipeFlare Faucet – Stake Tokens, Instant Claim, 4 Level Referrals

Pipeflare is one of the top crypto faucets – it allows you to earn profit staking Fleer tokens and you can claim doge coin + zcash instantly into your own wallet.

This free altcoin faucet also has a huge 4 level referral system where you can earn commissions from many levels of referrals below you, this is one of the biggest and most popular crypto faucets and they are constantly adding new features, competitions and games.

The faucet allows you to claim free fleer tokens, free Zcash and free dogecoin.. it’s instant and simple to claim and you can stake your fleer tokens on the platform to earn compound interest.


The faucet pays instantly and directly into your own wallet.. it takes around 24 hours to receive your payment but the payouts are really high compared to most of the crypto faucets and no waiting to get your coins.. they are sent instantly to your own wallet.

You can claim free dogecoin, free zCash and free flare tokens – the faucet pays good amounts and let’s you claim once daily, its quick and simple to claim and there are many other ways to earn on the site such as competing in competitions, playing games and completing tasks.


Pipeflare has it’s own token called Flare – You can stake flare tokens inside the pipeflare platform and earn 5 – 10% APY, it’s a great way to boost your profits and you can earn free tokens by referring users to the system and stake those easily and instantly.


Pipe Flare has one of the best referral systems i have seen on any of the coin faucets, you can earn profits from 4 levels of referrals and the higher you rank in the system the higher payments you receive when your referrals claim from the faucet.

Once you have the first 100 referrals in the system you can get hundreds of new referrals underneath you without doing anything – if you get lucky you might get a big promoter who brings in hundreds of new users underneath your link and this will earn you huge life time commissions!

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