Top Crypto Faucets

These are the biggest and most popular crypto faucets that have their own wallet systems.


Free Bitcoin – Up to 1000 satoshi per hour + free lottery tickets, weekly $3000 prize.

Cointiply – Top bitcoin faucet with many ways to earn, play games and do fun stuff.

Pipe Flare – Top crypto faucet that pays in doge and zcash, huge 4 level referral system.


Instant Pay Faucets

These faucets pay you instantly into your faucet pay wallet.

Input your faucet pay wallet address and solve the captcha to get a small amount of free cryptocurrency instantly, claim many times daily from each site.

Collect the coins up then use binance to withdraw into your bank account.


xFaucet – Claim free dogecoin every 60 minutes, nice and easy to claim, pays good amounts.

Claim Free Coins – Get 3 satoshi every minute, claim around 80 times daily max.

Konstantinova – Get 2 satoshi every 60 minutes directly into your faucet pay wallet.

My Claimer BTC – Get 5 satoshi by completing the short link, get paid instantly once done.

Crypto Clicks – 6 Faucets, claim free bitcoindogelitecointronbinancesolana.

Claim Free Ethereum – Claim free Ethereum every minute, get small amounts paid instantly.

Claim Free BCH – Claim 400 bitcoin cash satoshi every minute up to 80 times daily.

One Bitco – Claim 4 satoshi every 5 minutes, high paying faucet, claim many times daily.

Daily Free Bits – Easy to use site, claim 0.5 – 1200 satoshi once every 60 minutes.

Claim Clicks – Claim 1-2 satoshi every 2 minutes, claim up to 20 times daily.

Efta Crypto – 5 Faucets, claim every 5 minutes – bitcointrondogelitecoinbinance.

Claim Coins – 6 Faucets, claim bitcointrondogelitecoinethereumbitcoin cash.

Crypto Future – 12 faucets in one, login with faucet pay email, claim unlimited times.


Top Faucet Pay Sites

Below is a list of the top paying faucet pay earning sites and free crypto faucets.

Visit each site daily and do a few little tasks on each one to build up your coins and ranks, use binance to withdraw crypto into your bank account.


Coin Payz – More ways to earn than any other faucet, biggest list of offer walls.

CoinPayu – Many unique ways to earn crypto, huge site with over 1m users.

Vie Faucet – Top faucet with ptc links, tasks, short links, offer walls and more.

Faucets Fly – Very nice looking faucet with many ways to earn, low min withdraw.

Ad BTC – Earn bitcoin clicking links, withdraw instantly into faucet pay.

Faucet Crypto – Many different ways to earn, free faucet, bonuses, prizes.

Grab BTC – Huge amount of earning options along with many competitions and prizes.

Feyorra – Top crypto faucet with many ways to earn and instant faucet pay payments.

Fire Faucet – Auto faucet, offer walls, bonuses, prizes, free coins and more.

BTC Ad Space – Claim 1 satoshi every 5 minutes, do ptc links to earn more.

Auto Faucet – Claim free coins quickly, do offers, tasks, videos and more.

Crypto Flare – Popular crypto faucet with many good ways to get free crypto.

Silver Clix – Easy to use pay to click site with many new links daily to click on.

Rush Bitcoin – Many ways to earn satoshi quickly, min withdraw 1000 satoshi.

Claim TRX – Popular TRX faucet with many ways to earn, min withdraw 0.1 trx.

Our Coin Cash – Nice easy to use faucet and earning site with low minimum withdraw.

Auto Claim – Automatic faucet that gives you 27 different cryptocurrencies.


Other Earning Systems

More websites and apps you can use to earn crypto that don’t fit into other categories.


ySense – Top earning site for doing surveys and other simple online tasks.

Free Bitcoin – Free bitcoin every hour, $3000 weekly prize, over 50 million users.

Minds – Blockchain social media site, earn money writing and reading articles.

Ice – New mobile staking app, get free coins daily, refer users to increase earnings.

Slice – Brave browser extension that let’s you earn from small ads, pays good.

Honey Gain – Share your internet bandwidth and earn money, easy earning app.

Coin Rule – Copy trading platform, easily earn money from trading crypto.

Womplay – Claim free coins daily, get free NFTs, play mobile games and earn money.

Pre Search – Use this site to search google and earn money with every search you do.

Pipe Flare – Top crypto faucet that pays in doge and zcash, huge 4 level referral system.

Mine Pi – Top mobile mining application, easy way to earn crypto on your mobile.

Faucet Pay – Do ptc links, play games, do offers and surveys, exchange coins.

Free Cash – One of the biggest earning sites for doing offers and surveys.

Offers Bux – View ads, visit websites, do offers and surveys to earn money.

Red Monkey – Good app to do offers and surveys from all the top offer walls.

Publish0x – View crypto articles and get 50% of the tip, up to 3 times daily.

Sprout Gigs – Do tasks and jobs, provide gigs and different online services.

Torum – Top social media website and crypto trading platform, many ways to earn.