Earn Bet Decentralized Casino Shares Profit With Token Holders

Earn Bet is a decentralized crypto casino that runs on the wax blockchain and shares 100% of profits with token holders automatically via smart contracts.

This platform allows anyone in the world to join anonymously and earn profits from the casino!

The referral system allows you to earn a small percentage of every single bet placed by your affiliates, it’s instant and anonymous and pays for the life time of the user – so if you refer a big gambler who plays often you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year from just one player.. all paid out in cryptocurrency instantly and anonymously.

You can earn BET tokens by gambling on the site – the more bets you can turn over the more tokens you generate and the higher the monthly payout you will receive.


Bet tokens give you a number of benefits – including a reduced house edge which means you will win more often!

You can get automatic dividend payments by holding the BET tokens in your account wallet along with the ability to stake your BET tokens and earn profits.

Get free BET tokens by joining Earney Bitcoins airdrop channel – sometimes he gives away big amounts and you can stake them in your wallet to earn easy profits!


Staking BET tokens is very simple – all you need to do is gamble to earn the tokens or buy them on different exchanges.. deposit them into the earn bet platform and then visit the staking page.

The longer period you stake your tokens for the more profits you will receive, paid out in BET tokens which can be reinvested to earn compound interest.

The BET tokens also give you a share of the websites profits, each month you will receive a payment in bitcoin and ethereum based on the amount of BET tokens you hold.


Earn Bet currently has 5 blockchain based gambling games available along with the golden ticket bonus, where you can pay a small amount on each bet and have a chance to win the jackpot.

All of these games run on the wax blockchain and operate via smart contracts, the system is provably fair and popular with whale gamblers who want a true and fair bet.


The Earn Bet affiliate system is simply yet powerful – you earn 0.1% of every single bet placed by your referrals and get paid out in 10+ different cryptocurrencies.

If you operate a bitcoin gambling website or other affiliate marketing network this platform can be very profitable and pays for the life of the user, it’s a great way to build a passive income and earn money online while also getting free gambling credits.


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