Biswap Exchange – DeFi Platform On Binance Smart Chain

Biswap Exchange is the one of the most powerful defi platforms i have used so far.. it runs on Binance smart chain and offers a full suite of decentralized financial tools.

This system allows you to instantly and anonymously exchange cryptocurrencies using a meta mask wallet along with investing and staking coins on the platform to earn profits automatically, all interacting via smart contracts and all running anonymously.



Biswap has many different yield mining farms you can join and some are paying huge yearly profits – some as high as 400% annually.

All you need to do to earn profits with this systems is deposit funds and lock them into the smart contracts to get a share of the profits that are generated through the exchange.



Another profit earning option Biswap offers is coin staking – you can lock your coins into the system and earn up to 126% yearly simply by holding your coins in the system, it’s an easy way to increase the amount of BSW you own.



One of the best features of Biswap exchange is the powerful affiliate system – it’s one of the only defi systems to offer such a referral system and you can earn 5% of profits and fees generated by your referrals when they use the exchange and earn profit in the farms.



This tutorial video is great to watch and shows you exactly how the system works, it’s well worth spending the time to watch this before you start trading on BiSwap.


Create your account on BiSwap exchange here