Bake DeFi – Earn Passive Income Staking And Lending DFi Tokens

Bake DeFi is a decentralized finance platform that allows users to earn high profits from coin lending, coin staking and liquidity pools.

This powerful Defi platform is growing rapidly and has many different options for earning profits including providing liquidity for different staking pools, profits from masternode staking for top coins such as Dash along with staking DFI tokens and earning compound interest.



Bake DeFi allows you to lend bitcoin, ethereum and USDT and earn 7.5% yearly interest, which can also be reinvested and re-compounded daily to increase yearly APY.

Everything is run via smart contracts and is 100% transparent, allowing anyone to see where the funds are located and the status on your different investment pools.



The Bake DeFi system operates in weekly batches, all of the money is pooled into groups and held for 7 days and is then released once the period has finished.

The system is fully transparent and allows users to views all profits, total amount of coins and tokens pooled, target APY and actual APY.



Below is a screenshot of the different DeFi staking options available, many of them pay huge yearly profits – as high as 105% yearly which is incredible compared to traditional lending.



Currently you can stake DFI tokens along with Dash coin, it’s very simple to stake your coins and start to earn profits and many new staking coins will be added in the future, cake provides a unique platform to stake many different tokens and coins and earn profits automatically.



Simply use the online calculator to work out your profits –  you can choose which tokens you want to stake and the amount of time to stake, the longer you stake the more profits you can earn.



The referral system on Cake DeFi allows you to earn passive income referring users to the platform, you will earn up to 50% of the fees generated by your users.

Take a look at the screenshot below, the top promoter has already earned over $46,000 USD and will continue to climb daily as his referrals restake and reinvest profits.



For new users cake offers a sign up bonus – $20 worth of DFI when you deposit more than $50.

This bonus is locked up for 180 days and will automatically earn staking rewards during this time.. and if you use my bake referral code you will also receive an extra $10 of DFI tokens totaling $30 in free crypto just for trying out the system!



The video let’s you look at the new bake mobile app, it allows you to manage your portfolio and stake coins, earn crypto with this simple mobile app.


Create your Bake DeFi account here