6 Ways You Can Earn Money With Earney Task Manager Bot

In this article i wanted to provide a complete review on how to earn money using this simple yet powerful telegram bot.


Earney Task Manager is a telegram bot that allows anyone to instantly hire thousands of crypto users to do simple online tasks.

Anyone can earn TRX by performing the tasks and uploading proof into the bot, you can find hundreds of small jobs available to do.

Users get paid to do all kinds of tasks such as following twitter accounts, signing up to airdrops, signing up to referral systems and promoting crypto projects across all the different social media sites.

Any task can be paid for, and anyone can instantly hire thousands of workers who can create youtube videos, social media posts, they can join your channels or install your applications, follow your social media accounts and upvote or comment on your content.

It’s cheap to hire thousands of users and it’s an easy way to get referrals and sign ups on crypto projects or boost your social media profiles.



6 Ways You Can Earn Money With This Bot


1. Do simple online tasks and upload proof into the bot

2. Create tasks and buy referrals or follows

3. Refer workers or advertisers and get life time commissions

4. Upgrade your user rank and get paid higher rates

5. Gold level for professional promoters

6. Resell our users for a profit


Do Tasks & Earn TRON

Earney task manager allows anyone to earn TRX doing simple online tasks such as following people on twitter, sharing content on facebook, creating youtube videos or graphics, signing up to airdrops and promoting different crypto projects.

Each task can be done quickly and all you need to do is take a screenshot or provide other proof and upload it into the bot.

The person who paid for the task will check that you have done the job correctly and then approve your payment.

Once you have earned 10 TRX you are able to withdraw your funds instantly.

This telegram bot allows you to earn a small income in crypto without having to to register or have any special skills, it’s like an online job system for small online jobs and anyone is able to do them.



Create Tasks & Buy Referrals

With the task manager system you are able to hire thousands of real users to do virtually any task you can imagine.

Instantly hire an army of crypto users to join your referral links, join your telegram or discord channels, upvote you on any site such as reddit or the coin voting sites like coinsniper or any of the social media sites.

These users can be paid to promote crypto projects by creating youtube videos, sharing content on social media, creating memes and graphics, articles and so much more.

Simply describe the task you want users to perform along with the proof you want them to provide and as soon as your task is approved users will begin work and start uploading proof for you to approve and pay.

You can use this system to earn profit by buying referrals into different crypto projects, airdrops and other referral systems.


Refer Workers Or Advertisers

The referral system on this bot allows you to receive a small percentage of all fees collected by both workers and advertisers, you will earn TRX for lifetime as long as your users are active.

The system works on a 2 tier system allowing you to earn extra profit when your referrals promote the bot.

You will earn 7% commission on your level 1 referrals, and then 3% commission on level 2 users which gives you an added bonus without doing any extra work.

Withdraw your profits instantly anytime you reach the minimum withdraw amount of 10 TRX, and there is no limit on the amount you can earn.

The best way to generate referrals for this system is by creating Youtube videos or writing articles explaining how the bot works and then including your referral link.

Share your referral link out on social media and explain to project owners how this bot can be used to hire an army of crypto promoters instantly.


Upgrade Your Rank

Earney Task Manager has a unique ranking system with 3 levels and the higher ranked you are the more you will get paid for doing tasks.


1. New user – All users start at this level, free

2. Verified user – Manually verified, 10 TRX fee

3. Gold User – Manually verified, 100 TRX fee


Verified users get paid higher rates, and gold level is for users who offer professional services.


Gold Level For Professional Promoters

Users who offer professional services such as graphics or coding, writing services, promotional services, users with established youtube channels and social media profiles can pay a 100 TRX fee to obtain a gold level account which will give you access to the highest paying jobs.

This allows task buyers to hire professional youtubers and crypto promoters and pay them a much better rate to provide high quality work.

The earning potential is much higher for gold level users although you will need to have professional services to offer, join the support channel and speak with one of the admins to get gold level access.


Resell Our Service For A Profit

One of the best ways to earn profit with this telegram bot is by reselling the users to your own customers who wish to purchase traffic.

You can buy thousands of real users from around $6 per 1000 users and get them to do all types of tasks, you can sell them as visitors to websites or earn profits buying installs to an application or game.

Business who sell followers, upvotes, youtube marketing and other similar services can use this bot to generate traffic and earn profit.


Start Bot – https://t.me/EarneyTaskBot?start=ref1139404549

Support – https://t.me/earneytaskmanager